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Group Founder: hunter32
Description: only Python for S60 symbian OS9.x
Group Type: Public join
Members: 504
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > Symbian

Topics (14)

go Mp3 tag error. (14) aleksdks
. . File e:/System/Apps/Mp3TagEditor/, line 13801, in lambda File e:/System/Apps/Mp3TagEditor/, line 16301, in TAGEDIT File e:/System/Apps/Mp3TagEditor/, line 17151, in ...

go installation of python (5) hunter32
To run Python in youre phone you need Python for S60 and PythonScriptShell. its a kind off language for ure phone. the most Python apps need also a PythonModule. for example, i have Python145 and Ultr...

go newbie (1) joseph54
guyz am new on this wat is called python,wat is this staff? I got e65 n were cn i start?

go any question? (44) hunter32
please dont inbox me! ask youre question here, and some one will help yeah.gif

go Python Newbie (17) zackzero
I installed Python Runtime and Scriptshell on E. How to I use Python Apps once downloaded? I downloaded Menu Editor but it's not opening.

go 5800 and new to python (0) axlz
can anyone help me I recently got a 5800, Ive been reading posts and wanna get into it? How does it work, what does it do and how can i get it for my phone?

go yapn.conf (3) proton
can someone edit this file with following details ip= port=9401 . .please lol.

go welcome (13) hunter32
wellcome all :) enjoy youre stay here. i will keep the group up to date. gr hunter32

go Python-the Answer? (5) jazz04
I use a s60v2 fp1... As u guys know, all fp1 cant enable jar files to Read user data in d app manager mode... I hope with the necessary tools in d rack, someone could reverse dis prob 4 us using py......

go Python browser? (1) jazz04
Any python based browser at-large??

go touch (3) steven23
whats best python for 5800 cause cant get any apps to work using python 1.45 or 1.96 whats best modules to install with what python thanks guys great group hunter

go death links (0) hunter32
please report death links, i found some by my self. i fixed them right away :)thanks

go screenshots (2) hunter32
for screenshots you can go to have my favorite Python apps posted there. good.gif

go post youre python app/script (0) hunter32
if any one have a Python app or script, post it here and i will upload it to the direct links.